¿How does it work?

A referral program is a method of external promotion through which our clients ask trusted contacts to recommend their contacts to promote the consumption of the products and services offered by a company. Our referral program allows our customers to recommend our products to their best contacts and this is one of the best ways to reach new customers. These will have the support of their Referents in whom we already trust, and whose assessment of consumption and skills we already know. If we treat our customers well, no one will be a better ambassador for our brands than they are. Therefore, through a good referral program, our clients can generate benefits thanks to their recommendations.

Benefits of the referral program:

There are many benefits offered by this method, but the main one is that it allows us to ensure – to a greater extent – that the chosen person will be able to correctly assimilate the company’s values. This is so due to the subjective nature of the reference, since it is difficult to find a person who speaks with total impartiality about another, since personal relationships can permeate the professional impression.

  • Reduction of costs in the sales process: By reducing the search scope, costs decrease thanks to the greater efficiency of this method. In fact, this method can be up to 50% cheaper than others.
  • Lower customer turnover rate: Through the referral program we can reach customers who show greater loyalty to the company. In the long term, turnover is less likely to be reduced. This translates into a significant cost reduction.
  • Best talent: Referred candidates are usually responsible. Otherwise, they would not have earned the trust of the referrer who has decided to recommend them as reliable referrers.
  • Better adaptation: Since the referrals know a client closely, it is normal that they already know the work systems within the company, as well as the relationships between other Referrers and the environment in general. In this way, after the incorporation of the Referrals, the adaptation will be quick and easy.
  • Less search time: Thanks to the fact that the search fence is reduced, the recruitment process decreases, giving an average of 29 days from the moment the incorporation is announced.
  • Increased productivity: Another advantage that can be measured in the long term is that it increases productivity. This means that, through this method, we have found the ideal Referent.

Referral Program Methodology:

When a new client (Referred) registers on our web page www.holypacha.com (Sing Up) he must place in the field “Referent:” the email of his sponsor or Referent, that is, the email of the person who recommended him to become our customer. That Referrer’s email will be validated in our databases and after it is accepted it can no longer be modified.

Once registered on our website, the new client will be able to use their email with which they registered to recruit new referrals and recommend our products and thus become a Referrer with which they can participate in our rewards program.

Rewards Program:

The rewards program is intended to reward the management of promotion, recruitment and frequency of purchase by our Referrers.

“For each purchase at a Referral’s web sales value (without discount coupons), the Referrer will obtain 5% of the sale value as a credit for future purchases via the Web. The Referrer with these credits will be able to cancel their next purchases instead of with real money.”

Every time a Referral makes a purchase via the web (without discount coupons) the Referrer will receive an automatic email indicating the purchase in US$ that their Referral made and the amount of the promised reward, which will already be reflected in your customer profile on our website.

The more recommendations our Referrers offer, the greater the opportunities to easily earn credits and thus be able to make purchases without spending money.


  • Referrals will not be able to register their own email, in their user profile, as “Referrer” when they are registering as new clients. That is, self-referencing is not allowed.
  • Purchases made with Credits resulting from rewards will not generate rewards for the Referrer.