What is the dosage that I should take?

CBD Dosing Chart

Because CBD has so many applications, recommended serving quantities may vary, as dosage guidelines are product specific. While our products have a suggested serving size listed on each package, dosing will be determined by body weight, metabolism, unique body chemistry, and other metabolic parameters. Individual needs may vary.

We are unable to give exact serving size suggestions. It is recommended to start with a small quantity of CBD and progressively: increase your dosage, use a higher concentration, or try a different presentation until the desired results are reached. Individuals may have to use CBD consistently over a few weeks for the effects to occur. Consult your healthcare provider with specific questions about using any products.

THC-containing products, even in low doses, have the potential to induce euphoric and therapeutic effects. While each package contains a suggested serving size, the strength of the effects on a specific individual will vary depending on several factors, including the serving size, body weight, food or other substances in the system, personal body chemistry, and experience level or tolerance of cannabinoids. It is recommended that individuals start with a small amount, and gradually increase until satisfactory results are achieved. Consult your healthcare provider with specific questions about using any products.

Users describe sensations of relaxation, euphoria, creativity, focus, elevation, and pleasure when using Delta-8, Delta-9, Delta-10 THC, THCa, and HHC products. Some individuals prefer to compare the effects of Delta-8 to those of regular adult-use cannabis products, claiming that Delta-8 is more like indica while Delta-10 is more like sativa.

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